Website and Hosting Management System

I have a script available for sale. This script has ability to manage your own web hosting and web development company. It has full featured script (client invoicing, sales report, traffic management, more).

Upon installing on server, all client can register on your host company, select more than 1500++ templates, enable e-commerce and start build his own site in a minute.

This script also integrates on most popular payment gateway. I developed this script personally and tested.

System requirements:
Dedicated server (since this script is developed specifically for web hosting)

Free server set-up.
Free support up to 1 month.
100% license ownership of script.

Additional information, don't hesitate to contact.
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Telephone: +1.206.424.3149

Boost Your Business

Boost Your Business

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Sunday, 25 January 2009

The following areas are keys to the success of any small business:

1. Well-trained and enthusiastic employees

2. Appropriate image for the business

3. Effective merchandising

4. Product selection, turnover, and quality

5. Location

6. Effective advertising

7. Excellent customer service

--adapted from Seven Secrets to Small Business Success by Kent J. Burnes

On the other hand, there are a number of reasons why businesses fail. You can avoid many of the following pitfalls by planning ahead and seeking out help when needed.

1. Insufficient assessment of professional and personal skills

2. No business plan

3. Inadequate financing

4. Incomplete records

5. No marketing strategy

6. Inappropriate location

7. Not implementing good management

8. Hiring the wrong people

9. Poor customer service

10. Unwilling to ask for help


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